Quotes by DJ
“God’s forgiveness sets us free from the “prison of guilt” and the “poison of bitterness.”
“Praying for people that mistreat us releases God’s power to uproot any bitterness we have in our heart towards them.”
“We need Jesus to be forgiven, & we need Jesus to forgive others. Not receiving God’s forgiveness, & not forgiving others, is Rejecting Jesus.”
“If we never get angry out of our love for God we will eventually rejoice in evil.”
“We shouldn’t call ourselves Christians (Christ Followers) if we refuse to forgive & pray for those who mistreat us.”
“Putting conditions on whether you will, or when you will forgive someone, is like wearing handcuffs and giving the one key to the person you refuse to forgive.”
“Every sin can be traced back to a belief… a belief in a lie.”
“A Convenient faith always stops short of making a decision but a Convicting faith always leads us to make a Choice. If your faith in Christ doesn’t cause you to Change your life’s direction and Commit your life to Jesus then you have not yet been Converted.”
“We should serve people to give love rather than use people to gain love.”
“How we manage the resources we have shows our devotion or lack of devotion to the one who provided the resources.”
“Most everything we give is temporal but giving to the Gospel is eternal and the only giving that has any value beyond this life.”
“When you are part of a team, your “I Want” never comes before the “We Need.” Creative freedom outside of divine order is nothing more than rebellion fueled by pride and selfishness.”
“If you have made Jesus the Lord of your life, then you will have made him the Lord of your time, relationships, and money as well.”
“Living a life pattern that is always trying to cover something up is never a Godly pattern of living.”
“What would a church look like that followed Jesus like you do? Would the church be healthier as a result?”
“So fake are those that with their lips speak Christian phrases but with their lives consistently avoid Christian fellowship.”
“There is no such thing as an atheist… Read your Bible!”
“Don’t allow all the good things you do keep you from God’s very best.”
“If you want to know someone’s “worldview” don’t ask them what they believe… watch how they live.”
“My preaching has never saved anyone. Jesus alone saves!”
“I would rather be “one of the few” Jesus knows than “one of the many” he says he never knew.”
“Don’t use your children to communicate to your spouse… use your words!”
“We all need to realize our identity, worth, value, and significance is not found in the what we do for Jesus but in the revelation of what Jesus has done for us.”
“Better late than never?… Not when it comes to hearing and receiving the Gospel. Go & Make Disciples > Stay & Make Excuses.”
“There will never be perfection in our own reflection…The Gospel is the only cure for our idolatry.”
“Are you going to be like Isaiah and say, “Here am I, send me” or be like Moses and say, “Please Lord send someone else.” God isn’t as concerned with our ability as he is our availability.”
“If we are serving God based on a fear of consequences then we aren’t really serving God…we’re only serving ourselves.”
“Being REAL will require 4 things: Rejecting passivity, Expecting conflict, Accepting responsibility,  & Leading courageously.”
“In America we don’t need fellowship and accountability to help us attend church faithfully, we need fellowship and accountability to help us stay focused, and forging forward with the message and mission of Jesus.”
“Don’t just prepare a sermon to preach… be prepared to live the sermon you preach.”
“Nobody becomes a Christian by accident. Nobody follows Jesus by accident. In fact, everyone that is following Jesus is following him on purpose (there is a reason). The same is true for everyone who is choosing not to follow him. There is a reason.”
“Jesus said, if we followed him he would make us fishers of men. Therefore, if we ain’t fishing, we ain’t following too closely.”
“It is not enough to just learn facts and gain knowledge. Disciples must change their priorities and participate in the message, ministry, and mission of Jesus.”
“Most people don’t REALLY care for the poor… they would RATHER just avoid them.”
“If your serious about filling your church this Sunday then extend a sincere invite to someone. In fact, you can do this every Sunday! A personal invitation is still the most effective form of increasing church attendance. Or we can continue projecting & putting on one day productions, performances, and special speakers that cannot be sustained every week. Whatever you do, and however you choose to do it, do it all for the glory of God.”
“People who think they can turn their Christian convictions off and on depending on what crowd they are with aren’t really Christians at all. Don’t be yoked with fakes!”
“Perhaps you are the Kingdom citizen someone needs to meet to cause them to drop the charade, come clean, and begin serving the King of Kings?”
“A Convenient faith always stops short of making a decision but a Convicting faith always leads us to make a Choice. If your faith in Christ doesn’t cause you to Change your life’s direction and Commit your life to Christ then you have not yet been Converted.”
“God didn’t redeem us so we would continue to be an expression of our old self. Walk away from the old and step into all things new!”
“I am convinced more people are fearful of living than dying. Don’t waste your life! Instead, let God use it!”
“Jesus did not intend for the church to be turned into a club that minimizes God to make it’s members more comfortable. Jesus came to introduce a Kingdom that magnifies God and transforms the current culture.”
“Have you ever considered treating everyday like a mission trip?”
“We cannot influence the people we continue to avoid.”
“Are you a Passionate Pursuer or Passive Pretender? Passionate Pursuers have made seeking God’s Kingdom and his righteousness their first priority. Passive Pretenders appear to have made God their first priority but their character, calendar, and checkbook prove otherwise.”
“The Kingdom of God did not come to accommodate our current culture! Jesus did not come to adjust to this world’s environment, he came to bring Heaven’s environment to earth.”
“Your future is not outside ahead of you, it is inside within you!”
“When people walk out of your life, let them go, usually they have already left in their heart.  It’s not they are bad people, it’s just that their part in your life story has ended. Your destiny is not tied to those that disconnect and exit themselves out your life.”
“True worship results from a realization that God is Creator, source, owner, provider, and sustainer of all things. The action and authenticity of our worship will be in response to the realization of who we understand God to be.”
“If you can’t tell someone what the benefits of seeking God are then perhaps you aren’t really seeking God.”
“A lack of listening to God will always result in a lack of trusting God.”
“Hard to be Proud & Greedy when you don’t own anything. Humility & Generosity comes when you realize that God is Creator, provider, and sustainer of all things.”
“If you saw the Kingdom of God you would share what you see with others! If you experienced the Kingdom of God you would share what you experienced with others! The reason people aren’t sharing the Good News of the Kingdom is because they aren’t seeing, nor experiencing it”
“Faith IS NOT take a guess and hope for the best!”
“If you are unorganized stop praying for more. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Don’t pray for more while managing what you have unfaithfully.”
“God doesn’t use us because we got “prayed for.” God will use us based on what we have “prepared for!”
“All the sacrifices we make to God, can at best, only bring God AMONG us. Only the sacrifice of God (Jesus) makes it possible for God to live WITHIN us.”
“The devil has so many people preoccupied with doing good-will rather than God’s will.”
“It is not possible to place our faith in Jesus without changing our mind about who he is and what he has done. While faith is foundational to pleasing God, repentance is foundational to our pursuing God to begin with.”
“If you’ve been saved then you’ve been sent! Has God saved you? If God has saved you, then God has sent you! If God has sent you then you should be going, sharing, & doing… the Gospel!”
“How is a church going to be closed on Sunday because of Christmas? It’s because of Christmas the church exists!”
“We don’t become a disciple of Jesus just by saying so.  A disciple of Jesus is one who follows Jesus to KNOW Jesus and his teaching; to GROW more like Jesus; and to GO for Jesus, serving others and making new disciples.”
“Most people want their pastor to speak the truth… except when talking about Santa.”
“The way you live will change the way others believe.”
“We need to stop arguing with selfish and self seeking people and just serve God in sincerity. In doing so we will silence the ignorance of foolish people.”
“If we ask for reassurance from God and it doesn’t come then we don’t need it, we just need to do what God said to do.”
“God has always chose an imperfect people to carry out his perfect plan.”
“God’s love is awesome. It’s a love that everyone (except for God) fails at showing others from time to time. When someone has truly received God’s love (the God kind of love) they should then rely less on the worldly kind of love. If not, it leads to a life of insecurity, desperately depending on the affirmation of others. Nobody will ever love you like God at all times and nobody should be expected to because that is indeed a unrealistic expectation. If you place such an expectation upon others you will eventually be disappointed because this is how disappointments come… through not having your expectations met.”
“The blessing of God’s inspiration rarely comes to those that refuse to follow God’s basic instructions.”
“We aren’t committed if we aren’t contributing.”
“Some people, out of their own insecurity, will choose to challenge everything you say and do. Don’t allow them to bring you down, just walk away & pray.”
“Many are excited about the idea of making a difference but few dare to be different.”
“Rather than focusing on all the times we were given grief, we should focus on all the times we were given grace.”
“Money is a tool, not a treasure. In God’s economy there is no such thing as want, lack, recession, or depression. Be a conduit, not a dam. Generosity is God’s antidote for greed.”
“Holding on to the Truth in the midst of Tragedy will lead us to Triumph.”
“If we don’t know the purpose for our life, we will likely misuse it.”
“A faith that comes by being shaken is a faith less likely to be shaken.”
“Our complete faith in Christ = His complete Salvation in us.”
“Are you holding onto a perspective that is holding you back? God wants us to see the world as he sees. The more we see as God sees, the more we will do as he says.”
“Trust is God’s delivery system!”
“True worship is taking the most important thing to you and using it for the most important thing to God.”
“Bitterness is so evil! Bitterness is allowing unforgiveness to ferment. The more we hold onto past hurts, the more we become intoxicated by our pain, impair our judgement, push others away, and prevent ourselves from pursuing joy.”
“The Kingdom of God is so valuable that we should purpose our heart and point everything we have in the direction of pursuing it.”
“Just because a door opens it doesn’t always mean it’s a door for “you” to walk through. Watch out for false door doctrine.”
“A dreamer that never becomes a doer will just become a drag on the vision. Don’t be a drag… be a doer… and never stop dreaming.”
“Far too many soldiers of Christ have fallen into a civilian spirit. When we stop fighting we start falling. Get back on the front line and continue fighting the good fight of faith!”
“Expectation and obedience open the opportunity for miracles to happen in your life!”
“If you want to be in full-time ministry, start being a full-time Christian.”
“No matter how hard we try… our personal preferences will never replace God’s precepts, principles, or promises.”
“If God leads you to pray… then just pray without making a public announcement afterwards that you prayed.”
“When someone does something right don’t bring things they did wrong.  When someone does something wrong don’t forget all the things they did right.”
“Those that say “God isn’t moving” are those that obviously aren’t moving with Him. God is always moving and always looking for others to move with Him. Get Moving!”
“A person whose faith is based on concrete evidence is a person whose faith is clearly evident.”
“Our feelings aren’t always a good way to judge another person’s intentions.”
“Most would rather measure the size of their effort rather than the size of their impact.”
“Don’t expect God’s Glory if you are unwilling to live under a King’s Reign. Although Jesus’ message regarding the Kingdom of God may be cross culture, the truth is… we desperately need a CROSS Culture… a KINGDOM Culture to rise up out of this current church culture to continue the cause and call of Jesus Christ in our communities.”
“Have you ever thought that you may be asking God to do things He has already done and praying to receive things He has already provided?”
“Conviction does not equal Obedience. It’s one thing to know what God is directing you to do BUT that doesn’t mean you will actually do it.”
“If you’re always waiting for the right time, the right time will pass you by. Some people are always planning but never moving, while others are always praying but never doing. We need to be careful how long we wait… because our one more day, could be one day too late!”
“What if we were focused on serving people better rather than having better services?  What if we didn’t just call ourselves believers, but we demonstrated what we believe by doing something about it?  What if we served the lost by going to them and bringing the Gospel to them right where they are?  What if we were a ministry that provided opportunity to those who want to give action to their faith?  What if we were more excited about going rather than gathering? What if we were a people who presented a clear and unified message, stayed on mission, and were always mobilizing and helping others to mobilize ministry?”
“Faith without action will never end with hearing these words, “Well done good and faithful servant.”
“Many times we say, “It Didn’t Work.” When the truth is, we were the one’s that didn’t “Get to Work.” Enough of the excuses… allow God to work through you and stay the course.”
“God doesn’t stir people’s hearts for them to do nothing about it. What is God stirring your heart to do? Go do it!”
“Men need the fellowship of other men who are committed to discipling other men, who believe good intentions aren’t good enough, and who aim to inspire and implement God’s plan in their community.”
“Anyone familiar with the phrase, I don’t want to get too attached? This is usually said by one who is afraid of being disappointed, hurt, or heartbroken. Good News: You can never become “Too Attached” to God. God never disappoints, He is always faithful.”
“Sin grows best in the dark. We are only as strong as we are honest. It’s time to get rid of our band aids and begin building strong spiritual immune systems.”
“If you are breathing, you will be tempted.”
“I just couldn’t help it.” Translation: I just wouldn’t submit to God.  “It’s just my one thing.” Translation: I just won’t submit to God in this area.
“You can’t submit to God without thinking about God BUT simply thinking about God IS NOT submission to God.”
“God’s faithfulness provides the ability we need to resist temptation. To say we couldn’t help it is to say that God isn’t faithful.”
“The potential for positive progress depends on the level of one’s personal involvement in the process. Don’t be a critic… be a contributor to the cause!”
“Our generosity isn’t determined by the amount we give to others but rather by the proportion or percentage in which we keep for ourselves.”
“What if pleasing God with our faith began with how we prayed? Would we pray differently? Many people pray things that they know are already going to happen. (for food to nourish their body…for God to go with them, etc)   What is the point of praying prayers (making requests to God) that we already know are going to happen? When it comes to prayer/faith, playing it safe doesn’t please God.”
 “The Christian life cannot be lived on the basis of anti-Christian thought.”
“True followers of Jesus aren’t living their  lives to accumulate friends, they are those willing to have as many enemies as Jesus had.”
“Avoid the bad habit of elevating one’s gifting above their character!”
“If you haven’t experienced it, then don’t embellish it.”
“We were all created with a vertical need for a relationship with God. We were also created with the need for horizontal relationships with other people.”
“One who boasts about how much faith they have aren’t in faith at all. They are actually in fear! Faith works through love & love does not boast. Faith WORKS through love… love is an action… love doesn’t just know what to do, love does it!”
“The more we talk about our problem the more power we give our problem to overtake us.”
“Our enthusiastic expectation of the future provides the power we need to get through our present challenge.”
“God is looking for people to Provide The Push to help others Pull Through.”
“Faith is evidence NOT an overcompensation for a lack of evidence!”
“Genuine Devotion to Christ > Religious Duty to a Cause.”
“If God’s Word states in Ephesians 2:9 how unpleased God is with those who boast about the good deeds they do for him, how much more unpleased is God with those that boast, flaunt, and celebrate their sin against him?”
“Using our feelings to legitimize our behavior isn’t wise. God’s Word is always more reliable than our feelings.”
“Show me a person who says, “God’s Spirit isn’t moving!” and I will show you a person who… Isn’t Planting or Watering Gospel Seeds.”
“Jesus said “Go make disciples…” NOT stay and make excuses.”
“Most people are pretty good at communicating who they want you to think they are.”
“God holds creative solutions not condemning stones.”
“Other people’s opinions are no place to be looking for your next opportunity.”
“If you need to pay admission to hear your favorite preacher than the meeting’s focus and the motivation behind it aren’t about evangelism but entertainment instead. It’s time to be more concerned about having our hearts inspired by God than our ears tingled by men.”
“Demanding our desired result from God in the midst of a trial is not true faith… True faith is being obedient in the midst of a trial to trust God with whatever the end result is.”
“It can be unwise for us to point out the absence of humility within others for it often reveals the presence of pride and the absence of humility in our own life.”
“With God, relationship always proceeds rules. God doesn’t discipline us to “pay us back” but to “bring us back” into close fellowship with him.”
“The specific trials we go through in life prepare us and condition us to be uniquely qualified to comfort others in those same circumstances.”
“A faith that always needs a yes from God is, at best, immature faith and quite often is not faith at all.”
“It’s hard to have a new relationship with God if we maintain our old relationship with sin.”
“If you continue to fake it, you will never make it!”
“A lack of trust is always the reason behind one’s lack of giving.”
“Many use a smile to cover up the secret storms in their life. God doesn’t want us to try and cover up the storms in our life, but to trust Christ to help us walk through them in quiet confidence.”
“Doorstep to hell reads… Deserving are those who enter.  Doorstep to heaven reads… Undeserving are those who enter.”
“Woe to the person who thinks they are deserving of anything Heaven has to offer.”
“One who boasts about how much faith they have aren’t in faith at all. They are actually in fear! Faith works through love & love does not boast.”

“Real leadership enriches the followers, it doesn’t exalt the leader.”